Should I start a donate page? (In need of laptop)

2014-01-02 20:15:49 by Alphaman

I need to find a gaming laptop, meant for my youtube channel. With my desktop I can't keep up to date because my parents constantly take away the cord. I have only 200$ so far, and they are all like 1000$. Maybe I can start a donate page.


But should I? Or is that a bad idea? I have no other idea and I dont think i'm allowed to leave the house.


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2014-01-02 20:20:14


Alphaman responds:

Do you have any other suggestions for money? Really need suggestions plox.


2014-01-02 22:13:27

if you get Amazon Prime you can shoplift if you put something in your cart but put it under some other stuff at checkout


2014-01-06 17:51:30

hmmm, i dont know, maybe, start making a donation event in the clock-crew, and umm, ask for clocks to pay you 1$ for a movie by you, starring with their clock-character?
so, if someone wants to see their clock to star in a movie by you, he will have to pay you 1$ for each movie, like 1 dollar= one movie, 3 dollars= 3 movies, and etc etc.

also, you mention that your parents are taking away the cord.
why is that happening?

help me out.

do you overuse the computer?

Alphaman responds: